Skip to Content (DGI) was founded in July, 2012.  DGI provides a portfolio of stocks that pay growing dividends, generating a very safe income stream that can gow at 8% to 10% per year.

DGI is written by Robert J. Albers, a self-educated individual investor (See sidebar to the left for biographical information).  Mr. Albers spent many years researching how to use dividends to create growing income streams to supplement Social Security, his only retirement income.

Mr. Albers wrote the how-to book, "Dividend Growth Investing" which teaches other investors how to use dividends to create their own safe, growing income streams.  The amount of diligence, patience and work involved is more than some investors are able to devote to this task.  Thus, the results of many years of personal research is being made available by subscription to this website.  The research continues into how to select just those stocks whose dividend growth will be the greatest and the most reliable.

The author's philosophy of DGI and the exact methodologies involved are presented in the monthly newsletters.

There are many aproaches to dividend investing, and all of them are appropriate for some individuals and for certain economic circumstances.  However, DGI has a primary goal of yearly dividend growth equal or exceeding 2 1/2 to 3 times the current 10-year average inflation rate.

The current portfolio achieves this goal, and with further continuing research, it is hoped that this goal will be exceeded most years.

DGI also provides free articles explaining terms used in the field of dividend growth investing.  There are also free articles discussing various issues within the field.  All articles are written by the editor, Robert Albers.



Mr. Robert J. Albers has 25 years experience in self-education in the world of investments. Since 2005, this self-education odyssey has mostly been concentrated on (a) whether dividend growth investing was possible, and (b) on exactly how the individual could learn to build safe, growing income streams. He has created several dividend growth portfolios which have generated rising year-to-year income. The portfolio presented here is a result of this ongoing study.

While not studying investments, Mr. Albers is a FINRA neutral arbitrator, involved in settling disputes in the securities industry. He is a lifetime member of the American Association of Individual Investors.

His background includes several years as a teacher of statistics, and more recently, many years of information system design in the medical field.