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There are several ways to learn how to create safe growing income streams using dividends.  One of the ways is to teach yourself all of the techniques, tools, and data sources that are required, and then to discover the best way to evaluate the financial, macroeconomic and management data about a company that will predict future dividend growth at 2 1/2 to three times the rate of inflaion.  This method requires time, patience, discipline, and a good dose of intellectual curiosity. 

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DIVIDEND GROWTH INVESTING gives all of the steps that are used to build an income stream that is reliable, automatically grows by itself faster than inflation, requires little maintenance and has low risk. With a little work, diligence and patience, this can be done by the ordinary investor. This methodology uses dividend-paying stocks, selected to favor only those whose dividends will grow the most.  Such stocks will have strong balance sheets, consistent and growing free cash flows, low payout ratios, and other signs of financial health. Each step required to create the portfolio is given and the tools, data sources and guidelines that are needed are given.

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The tutorials follow the outline of the book, but give detailed examples of data sources, tools, analyis techniques, and statistics needed for each step of finding and evaluating companies.  More tutorials will be added later. 

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