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Dividend Growth Investing Products

Dividend Growth Investing Book

The book, "Dividend Growth Investing" gives all of the detailed steps that are used to build a portfolio of companies whose dividends will tend to grow the most.  The book is dedicated to teaching the individual investor how to create a growing income stream that is reliable, reguires little maintenance, has low risk, and automatically grows by itself at the rate of two to three times the rate of inflation.  This effort does require some work and patience.

So how does one pick only those companies whose dividends are safe and growing?  Such stocks will have strong balance sheets, consistent and growing free cash flows, low payout ratios and other signs of financial health.  These companies will also tend to have a global presence, and managements will be comitted to a rising dividend.

The specific steps needed to create a safe, growing income stream are described in detail.  The tools, data sources, evaluation metrics, and data guidelines that are needed are given at each step.  The steps described include a discussion of how to find and then evaluate just those dividend paying companies whose payouts will grow the most.  Other steps include all of the criteria that a company must satisfy, and finally how to build and maintain a portfolio.  Throughout this process, there is an emphasis on the most easly available data sources and analytical tools.

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Dividend Growth Investing Tutorials

The Tutorials offered by Dividend Growth Investing follow the general outline of the book, "Dividend Growth Investing".  The Tutorials are arranged in the same logical order that an investor would use is he or she were trying to learn how to create safe, growing income streams for themselves.

Each Tutorial is self-contained and is extremely detailed in its discussion of data sources, data collection tools, evaluative metrics, analytic tools and issues associated with the topics covered.  There are also citations and references to even more detailed information on selected topics.  These tutorials are updated as new information or alternative data sources become available.

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Dividend Growth Investing Newsletter

Create your own safe, growing income stream and get rich very slowly.  The Dividend Growth Investing Newsletter contains Model Portfolio charts and the author's current Commentary.

Model Portfolio

Each monthly newsletter will have a list of the current stocks that make up the model dividend growth portfolio.  It contains only companies that have the highest probability of increasing their dividends at 2 ½ to 3 times the current average rate of inflation.  There are charts that show both income performance and price performance.

Portfolio Commentary

At times, there will be dividend growth news that relates to one of the portfolio companies, and this news will be evaluated and discussed in this commentary.  Financial topics that relate directly to the payments of greater dividends will be included here.  Also, developments that affect any portfolio holding will be discussed at length.  There is no general market commentary in the Newsletter.  Other sections of the Newsletter are Dividend Growth Philosopy and The Waiting List.  These are more fully decscribed in the Subscribe section of the website.

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